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Shannon Rewcroft presents

Build A Rocket

Venue: Alphabetti Theatre

When: Saturday 29th July

Performance Times: 9.00pm

Tickets: £10 Full Price / £5 Concession / £3 'No Questions' (maximum 10 available online only).  Booking fees apply.

Running Time: Approx. 70 mins 

Age Recommendation: 14+ 

Powerful and explosive one woman show set in Scarborough.

"This isn't the story of Icarus and Daedalus.

It's Yasmin and Jack.

And we won't fly too close to the sun.

We'll fly through the f***er."


Build a Rocket is an explosive and powerful one-woman show following the story of Yasmin, a teenager from Scarborough, whose life isn't sandcastles, arcades, and donkey rides…she finds herself pregnant and alone in the world. A unique and bold production propels this hard-hitting yet inspiring story. Yasmin takes us on a whirlwind journey through nights out, morning sickness, and school uniforms right up to her son's coming of age. Build a Rocket is a funny and uplifting story exploring triumph over adversity, challenging perceptions of young motherhood along the way.


Performed/Produced by Shannon Rewcroft

Directed by Jordan Langford


Writer Christopher York comments : “I am a product of teenage pregnancy, I spent my early life in a bedsit with my mum and dad. I have grown up around teenage pregnancy, and seen it demonized in the press, but that's not the reality of what I saw growing up; I saw brilliant, positive, funny young women, raising children, even without the privilege of another parent.

 I wanted to write something that would celebrate the women of Scarborough, Yorkshire and anyone who might empathise with the challenges of growing up in a working class town. Build A Rocket follows Yasmin, a teenage badass, who unbeknownst to herself, is armed with an arsenal of powers – not flight, invisibility or anything like that, but resiliency and wit.”

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