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Nicola Mantalios Presents

Meeting Mary

Venue: The Cumberland Arms

When: Saturday 22nd July

Performance Times: 8:30pm

Tickets: £10 Full Price / £5 Concession / £3 'No Questions' (maximum 10 available online only).  Booking fees apply.

Running Time: Approx. 60 mins 

Age Recommendation: 16+

I’m going to tell you about the time I lied to everyone, except Mary

Settle down for a hilarious, moving, and absurd personal story. This story is full of ludicrous encounters, filth and more than one Jesus. The show explores issues of estrangement and leaving religion.

In 2012 I was excommunicated from the cult of Jehovah’s witnesses, I underwent a significant period of psychological torture and social isolation. Since then I have worked diligently to heal my mind and heart.

I seem to reach a breakthrough and have a few great days and think “that’s it! I’m healed!” Then I unearth a whole new batch of emotional baggage.

Being exposed to decades of damaging dogma has messed with my wiring, I’m no electrician but I reckon smoke is a bad sign.

“Meeting Mary” is an ever developing expression of what happened to me. It is a combination of stand-up comedy, storytelling and spoken word. If you would like to join me on this process of unravelling then please come along and listen to my story.

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