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Luna Attic Productions presents

Roll for Initiative:
The Wizard's Tower

Venue: Alphabetti Theatre

When: Tuesday 18th - Saturday 22nd July

Performance Times: 9.00pm

Tickets: £10 Full Price / £5 Concession / £3 'No Questions' (maximum 10 available online only). Booking fees apply.

Running Time: Approx. 70 mins

Age Recommendation: 18A (Under 18s accompanied by an adult)

A staged Interactive role-playing game experience with downright silliness.


The Wizards’ Tower is the first ever campaign to be brought to stage for audiences to play through together. Our Heroes fates are in your hands

Roll for Initiative is an immersive theatrical experience that blends well known tabletop, role playing, fantasy games with improvised comedy - think Dungeons and Dragons but on the stage! 

You create the characters, decide the quest, suggest how our heroes survive and roll a giant D20 (the formidable 20 sided die) to determine their fate- and we play it out. Where will our heroes end up? Will they survive? Will you defeat the wizard?

Created and performed by a troupe of actors, comedians, gamers, improvisers, musicians, DnD enthusiasts and geeks. Roll for Initiative is an evening of imaginative, silly, RPG story-telling which sees our Quest Master, Heroes, Monsters, Audience and Tech Crew create a unique playable fantasy adventure which is NEVER the same twice!

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